Do you long to live your purpose and do soul-satisfying work?

You’re a smart woman. You’ve had success in your work or business but you feel like something is missing and you aren’t fulfilled in the ways you had imagined.

Maybe you feel hopeless, disconnected, uncertain, lacking clarity and direction. You might be feeling scared to walk away from a steady paycheck or the path of the familiar.

If you hear a nagging little voice saying that you are NOT doing what you’re meant to be doing, it’s happening because your work is not aligned with your soul.

I know because I was in the same situation almost two decades ago when I was trying to follow my intended career as a clinical psychologist. Unfortunately, the reality of this profession was not what I had imagined when I chose it.

I walked away from becoming a clinical psychologist because my soul kept telling me it was not my true purpose.

So, I took the time to investigate my passions, talents, values, and “Big Why” to find the work that lights me up. That’s how I became a Business and Career Coach and I’m grateful that I made this choice.

When you align your work with your soul, everything changes

You feel inspired, fulfilled, and engaged with YOUR life. You’re excited to get out of bed in the morning. Your life and your work no longer feel like a burden.

That’s because you are living your purpose.

I believe everyone deserves to feel this way. I also believe YOU have the potential to do something amazing in your work and life. Work that’s fueled by your passions, talents, brilliance, and true purpose.

And the impact of living your true purpose goes beyond personal happiness. The world needs you to do the work that makes your soul sing because this means you will inevitably create positive ripples. And you will make a difference.

So, how can you align your work with your soul’s purpose?

Your “Big Why” is your soul’s compass

It tells you why you’re not fulfilled in your current work or business and what kind of work will light you up. It helps you do work that has a positive impact on the world.

If you’re lacking direction and clarity in your work or business and you want to take a look at your soul’s compass, I invite you to a complimentary breakthrough consultation with me to:

  • Explore your “Big Why”: Uncover your vision and the passions that guide your ideal work.
  • Identify your roadblocks: We will also identify your inner and outer challenges, especially the fears that stand in the way of living your purpose.
  • Get direction: You’ll leave with more clarity on how to get from from where you are to where you want to be

Here are some of the women I’ve helped…

“In the last few years I’d felt demoralized and stuck in an unfulfilling career, but after Terra’s coaching, I’ve made substantial chances and am taking steps towards a new career that’s in alignment with my passions. Terra’s style is intuitive, warm, and encouraging. Under Terra’s guidance I’ve also made big shifts in clearing bad feelings from previous work experiences, my relationship towards money, how I spend time, and caring for my health.
—Cathy Green, El Cerrito, CA

Terra gave me the encouragement, support and direction I needed to take my passion to the next level […] Terra is a smart, compassionate and savvy coach I would recommend to anyone who is looking to not just pursue their passion, but actually make tangible change in the world as well.”
—Blake Landau, Bay Area Social Media Consultant, Artemis Strategies; Project Enough

“Tarra’s coaching process is direct and effective. Within our coaching time, I embarked on a new career, with a clear understanding of what I want in the future. Throughout, Tarra has been supportive, direct, challenging, and inquisitive. She inspires!
—Julia Allenby, California

If you’re feeling stuck about how to get from where you are now to where you’d like to be, let me help you shine a light.

Schedule A Complimentary Living Your Purpose Consultation

To living your purpose,

"Coaching with Tarra is one of the best decisions I have made. Tarra is a joy to work with and an expert at assisting clients on their journey."
-Carla, San Francisco Bay Area