I believe…

I believe that every woman deserves to live her true purpose and do work that fills her soul.

I believe that, when you are fulfilled in your work, you will make your difference and positively impact the world.

That’s why I’m dedicated to helping women clarify their vision, live their true purpose, and create soul-fulfilling work and lives.

Here’s how it all started

I’m so grateful to finally be doing work that’s aligned for me. But I want you to know it hasn’t always been like this.

Before I stepped on the path of a Women’s Business and Career Coach, I was on my way to becoming a Clinical Psychologist.

Unfortunately, on this career path I was feeling drained and not fulfilled in the ways I had imagined I would be. I was drawn to be part of a helping profession, but felt limited by the paradigm of diagnosis and prognosis.

I was in a situation much similar to what my clients describe when they come to me: I was doing the work that I thought I was supposed to but it didn’t feel like my true purpose. Even though I didn’t want to admit it to myself, something deep inside me was calling me to make a change.

My soul was prompting me for a transition but, at the same time, the aspect of leaving my career path was making me feel depressed. I had dedicated so much time, energy, and financial resources to it.

The transition

The feeling of being burnt-out finally compelled me to take some time off, to figure out my life, my career and hopefully discover what I wanted to dedicate myself to.

I stepped back and I began to unravel my disappointment. I reconnected with my core values, explored all of my gifts, treasures and talents. I considered all of my options. This process of exploration was extremely important because it was how I was able to find the right direction for me. It was how I gained the confidence and courage to transition into the work that felt most authentic and aligned with my soul.

I now encourage my clients to go through this exploration phase because I know this is the way to gain a clear view of who they are, what they want and what kind of work will light them up.

Doing the work that lights you up

Since I became a Women’s Business and Career Coach in 2002, it has been my highest joy to coach hundreds of women just like you, help them find their true purpose and thrive doing their soul’s work. I love doing this because I know these are the women who have the energy and the power to make a difference in our world.

So, do you want to take a step towards living your purpose today? If yes, join me in a complimentary Living Your Purpose consultation.

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Here’s to living your purpose,

More about Terra

After completing a BA and MA in Psychology, Terra expanded her training with a deep dive into spiritual psychology, receiving a Ph.D in transpersonal psychology.

When Terra discovered coaching, she felt in her heart this was the right path for her and completed her training at The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California.

Women’s empowerment, social change, creative expression, and spirituality have been consistent themes in her work and life. She also speaks regularly about about entrepreneurship, self-love, self-care, making a difference in the world, and work/life balance.

One of her personal ventures was a telesummit that attracted thousands of women around the globe and featured interviews with Claire Zammit, Christine Arylo, Marci Shimoff, and Tama Kieves on topics related to self-love, self-care and honoring your soul’s calling. She’s also been a guest on telesummits like First Class Coach, The Feminine Business Model, Step into Something Bigger, and Double Your Income and Time Off.

In her aspiration to help women make their contribution to the world, Terra has facilitated workshops and coaching on career and social entrepreneurial related topics for The Green Festival, Stanford University, Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, California Institute of Integral Studies, and The Omega Institute. Terra’s inspirational vision for the world has been featured in the book “100 Words: Two Hundred Visionaries Share Their Hope for the Future”.

Terra was blessed to meet her soulmate and best friend, Erich, whom she married on summer solstice in 2013. They celebrated their honeymoon in one of Terra’s favorite destinations, Bali.

In her spare time, Terra loves to practice Kundalini Yoga, travel, hike, and write. You will find her musings on the Huffington Post.