The first few success stories were shared by my entrepreneur clients. Please scroll down to read the stories of career coaching clients.

These women developed a business they can thrive in

I’ve guided and supported smart women both in starting and in growing a business aligned with their true purpose.

Some of the clients I worked with needed help taking their business to the next level or changing direction. Others were just getting started and didn’t know which of their passions and talents they could leverage and what steps they had to take to transform their vision into reality.

“They were impressed with how established and lucrative my business was.”

I came to coaching because I needed to start up my business, website and publicity in a hurry, yet I was distracted from following through. I knew I needed consistent support to be accountable to my goals and timeline.

Within three months, I completed my web site and other start­up tasks, and was generating steady income in time for my immigration interview. They were impressed with how established and lucrative my business was. This was a decisive factor in my getting my green card.

Terra kept me on task, with a perfect combination of gentleness and encouragement. She knows when to nudge and when to advise you to relax and take care of yourself!

—Dr. Vanissar Tarakali, Oakland, CA

“Not only is there really such a thing as an ideal job but it is unfolding right before my eyes.”

I had worked as a clinical social worker for almost 20 years and a couple of years ago decided to leave my field and pursue a different path.

I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do but I knew that I wanted to do something. I realized I needed help in knowing where to begin, so I enlisted the help from Terra. I started coaching with Terra at the end of October 2015.

I remember in our first coaching session Terra asked me to give some thoughts about what I wanted to do and what my ideal job would look like. At that point in time, I really didn’t believe that there was such a thing as an “ideal job.” It seemed that most people hated their jobs and were dissatisfied. I certainly didn’t want to join the ranks of those who went to bed on Sunday night dreading going to work the next day. I wanted to be one of those people who were excited to see Monday morning come and anticipate what great things the week had in store for me.

I remember Terra encouraging me to at least be able to go there in my head and envision my ideal job. So, I dropped the resistance and let myself envision this perfect job even though it seemed I was asking for the impossible. I dreamed of having a flexible schedule, of being able to teach and share knowledge and having a supportive work environment where I would be allowed autonomy and creativeness.

Fairly quickly, I knew that I really wanted to follow a creative path but didn’t exactly know what that was just yet. Around the holidays, my mother and I were in an antique mall where I spotted a penny rug. I fell in love with this penny rug even though I didn’t buy it. I came home and did a little research and decided I was going to try and make one. I was totally in love and passionate about penny rugs and the process of making them. That was when I knew I wanted this to be my business.

Since December, I have gained a lot of insight into how I want to create my business and making it a reality. I told Terra that I am surprised that not only is there really such a thing as an ideal job but it is unfolding right before my eyes.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to create something beautiful and share it with others.

—Kelly Dickinson, Kansas

“Terra is extremely attentive and draws out the strengths she sees in someone and works from there.”

For many years I felt pulled in different directions and found it difficult to choose what to focus on.

Once I became a mom, the reality of limited time became more present in my life. I wanted to work with someone to help me balance the special first years with my son while making space for myself.

I was concerned about coaching, as I thought the process would be focused on doing less and giving things up. When I described to Terra feeling pulled in multiple directions, she responded, “I love working with multi-passionate women!”

Terra is extremely attentive and draws out the strengths she sees in someone and works from there. Terra guided me to discover my passions, get out of my own way and start immersing myself in what I want to do.

Terra turned my thinking around from one of frustration to embracing what draws me to different activities.

Through the process of reflecting and making commitments, I have been able to get started on a path that is more meaningful to me, without giving anything up. More importantly, I feel clear about the different interests I have and I am able to choose how I spend my time without a cloud of confusion.

Terra has also been working with me to share what I do with the world. Based on our work together, I am now offering a short film I directed online and I am in the process of developing YO:MA:MI a program on yoga and mindfulness for Moms.

—Asha Ghosh, Vienna, Austria

“In the four month period of working with Terra, my monthly income doubled.”

I’m fairly opinionated and consider myself to have a good business sense, so wasn’t sure if I’d be open to Terra’s advice. But she had such a gentle yet clear way of talking me through my business issues, that I could help but acquiesce!

Sometimes she helped me find the answers that were already inside me. At other times, she offered the concrete, practical advice to boost me to take the next step.

She encouraged me to improve my business relationships, to examine and re-set boundaries on my time, and to place a higher monetary value on what I do.

In the four month period of working with Terra, my monthly income doubled.

—Rebecca, Clinical Psychologist

“She held me accountable and kept me going every week with new milestones.”

“I had recently left a job and was looking to transition back into running my own business full time.

I was thinking about pursuing my passion of starting a movement called Project Enough to empower women. I also was considering offering coaching and workshops as part of my services.

Terra gave me the encouragement, support and direction I needed to take my passion to the next level. She held me accountable and kept me going every week with new milestones to help me continue to move forward.

I’ve taught my first successful women’s workshop and took initial actions to set up Project Enough. I recently secured three clients to help supplement the other passions in my life. I also gained confidence I didn’t have two months prior.

Terra is a smart, compassionate and savvy coach I would recommend to anyone who is looking to not just pursue their passion, but actually make tangible change in the world as well.”

– Blake Landau, Bay Area Social Media Consultant, Artemis Strategies; Project Enough

“Six years ago I never would have expected that I’d be where I am now.”

Terra creates a space for your ideas to awaken and flow, and then to become something concrete and profitable.

In her groups and one on one coaching, Terra has brought me tools and support to lay out my business model, and a path to achieve it.

Six years ago I never would have expected that I’d be where I am now, yet thanks to Terra I not only believed in my dreams, I saw them as if they were already true.”

—Amanda Miller, Berkeley, CA

These women became more fulfilled in their jobs

Some of my clients come to me disappointed and demoralized by their jobs. In these cases, I help them gain the courage and confidence to step on a new career path that is in tune with who they are, what they value and what truly lights them up.

Other talented and smart women are truly lifted up by what they do but struggle with Work/Life balance and time management. I help them develop a healthy relationship with their work and achieve a sustainable level of productivity.

“Terra’s style is intuitive, warm, and encouraging.”

Working with Terra has helped me gain clarity about what I really want, and reconnect with my big dreams and creativity.

In the last few years I’d felt demoralized and stuck in an unfulfilling career, but after Terra’s coaching, I’ve made substantial changes and am taking steps towards a new career that’s in alignment with my passions.

Terra’s style is intuitive, warm, and encouraging. Under Terra’s guidance I’ve also made big shifts in clearing bad feelings from previous work experiences, my relationship towards money, how I spend time, and caring for my health.

Terra’s support kept me moving forward and focusing on the things that matter most to me.

—Cathy Green, El Cerrito, CA

“Within three months, I embarked on a new career.”

Terra’s coaching process is direct and effective.

Within three months, I embarked on a new career, with a clear understanding of what I want in the future. Throughout, Terra has been supportive, direct, challenging, and inquisitive.

She inspires!

—Julia Allenby, San Francisco Bay Area

“Coaching with Terra is one of the best decisions I have made.”

Coaching with Terra is one of the best decisions I have made. I’ve been able to write my vision and see that I’m really working toward that vision.

It continues to be a self-discovery journey that is difficult, fun and infinitely worthwhile.

Terra is a joy to work with and an expert at assisting clients on their journey.

—Carla, Teacher, Oakland, California

“Terra exceeded what I thought could happen.”

Terra Christoff brings a grounded, compassionate, and feminine approach to coaching.

She blends both “structure” and “sacred” in a way that lends to real time goals and inspiring aspirations.

I have never worked with a coach, so was unsure what to expect. Terra exceeded what I thought could happen, supporting me in streamlining my priorities and moving on major projects.

As a leader and woman who is working on the front lines of social change, I don’t always celebrate and honor where I have succeeded, always looking to the next project. Terra reminded me of the importance of receiving these wins, and using them to leverage my next goals.

She supported by asking powerful questions that helped me harness my intentions for my work and weave them into actions that left me feeling empowered and tapped into possibility! I have continued to use what Terra and I created.

Any woman who is looking to connect deeper, to blend their feminine gifts with a strong container, and to be held in the truth of who they are, I strongly suggest you work with Terra!

—Chelsea Cotton, Northern California Regional Director, Shakti Rising

“Helped me open my eyes to new work possibilities that I had never even considered”

As a former Corporate Trainer, I found myself extremely confused by my inability to apply the skills I was teaching others to my own life, until I met Terra.

Terra’s kind, warm-hearted, direct approach helped me open my eyes to new work possibilities that I had never even considered.

The best part is she showed me how to apply this newfound knowledge to my life in a way that has really seemed effortless.

I now feel a new sense of hope and peace that I’ve never experienced before. I consider Terra a lifelong support system and know that I can count on her today or 10 years from now for guidance. She is a valuable resource that I feel blessed to have.

—Renee Pollard, San Francisco Bay Area

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